Turning Earth Farms

We are dedicated to creating an environment in which you feel uninhibited while playing a role in a sustainable community. With your help we can build a creative hub that respects the earth, using alternative farming methods while  reaping the benefits of localized agricultural production.


As the project moves forward, and we  develop our facilities we are providing opportunities for education, demonstration, project management, and research. Also we are working to develop a network of knowledge sharing between artists, students, horticulturalists, builders, yogis, wellness experts, performers, educators and other intentional members to become a positive   force locally and beyond.


Our  goal is to bloom into a sustainable artistic collective that provides an innovative environment where open-minded individualscan stay and volunteer, attend classes, enjoy art and music events, spearhead development projects , or simply enjoy what farm life has to offer. Whether you come to the farm with specific ambitions, or want to join whatever the certain moment has in store, we are interested in your contributions! Allow the land to become your muse and let your creativity flow while you gain valuable work experience surrounded by the breathtaking Oregon countryside.

An avenue for imagination…